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Coruscant Entertainment Center

Beyond the gentle promise
Revan sama

Before the characters of the games were among the Jedi: The heroes of the game meet.

Revan Sama turns out consistent work. I had to agree that it might not need to be written, but you're covering a part of history not often cpvered.

A Grim Fairy Tale

NonSW: An elf princess is displaced by a new sister.

Like most of Tysyacha's stuff this one leads to a lot of interesting situations.

Pick of the Week

Humean Emotion and the Logic Fairy
No specific era: Logic versus emotion

The piece is light and interesting, discussing the differences between logical and emotional decisions.

Amme Moto

Post KOTOR: Carth and Revan are reunited

The piece flowed so well, with the whole cast of the first game watching the lovers reunited on stage.

A Change
The Lady Revan

Post KOTOR: Revan has to decide who and what she is going to be

The piece drags a bit because a lot of it is merely watching the ascent. The character is divorced from time and reality.

Therapy for a Jedi

Post KOTOR: The crew ends up in therapy

Having witnessed group sessions, this was really amusing. Having HK be the only one who got into it was a riot.

When We Dance

Post TSL: As Carth retires, Atton finally admits his feelings to the Exile.

The setting, a retirement party, perfectly set the scene for Carth to finally propose. This is the catalyst that makes Atton voice his feelings. The Exiles reason for dancing with everyone but him is also explained.

Rian Sage

20 Years before KOTOR: Malak and Revan experiment with kissing

It's a stereotypical pair of nosy kids watching what other people are doing, and trying it themselves. The ending, where they are going to see something dead is just pure kid.


The Lord of Nothingness
Jin Phoenix

In interim between the War of Exar Kun and the Mandalorian Wars: A master teks his apprentice to Ilum.

The piece is tightly written and well made. The explanation, he would not have taken the boy if he didn't ask, was especially choice.

Bounty Hunter Tales; Calo Nord

No specific timegiven: To a hard core hunter, even turning on your own is just a day's work.

The piece is well wrought, the build up very well done, right up to the Betrayal.

Pick of the Week

The (very short) Journal of Carth Onasi

KOTOR on Taris: Who knew he kept a diary?

The piece is short but funny; Carth spent more energy on his missed Paranoids Anonymous meetings than anything else.

The Exile's 'Exiles'-Chap. 1 and 2

Post TSL: A [artially combined crew from both games makes a discovery, even as T3 works to hide it

The piece flowed well, and was a good bit of fun to read.

The Jedi And The Soldier Chapter One: A Walk in the Park

Pre-Mandalorian Wars: Revan runs into Carth Onasi in more ways than one.

The piece is interesting in that characters who will meet two decades later literally run into each other. As the reader, my only question is how they will not recognize each other later?

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