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Originally Posted by LordDeathRay View Post
Hello everybody! Sorry for the lack of updates as I'm taking a break from my Korriban Restoration. To make up for that, I just released a new mod: http://knightsoftheoldrepublic.filef...od_LKIM;117596 . This is a private project I made which I WILL update eventually.

Looks Good had similar ideas myself months ago but never actually got round to it.

Originally Posted by LordDeathRay View Post
so I'm going to start up my prison ship mod again. I can imagine all the happy faces, such as yours, Holty.
Me? don't even have Kotor Installed. it would make a mighty big temptation for me to re-install... and a even bigger one to make me mod again (By Temptation i mean Money xD)

Have Fun LDR don't let It drive you Insane... That why i live in this white room

"Crazy Laugh"

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