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God, all the dust in here!
Oh, hey, there folks. Thought I'dd left, thought this was dead?
Nah, just had a sort of "pause", time off, you know. Life certainly has a funny way of throwing things at you... buuuuut, where not here to whine about my life.

Nope. I'm back to report a small update. Nothing grand, as I'm just back into the whole modding thing. And I don't spend that much time on it anymore, as I used to.

Though I've entertained SithHolocron with some tasty tid bits of news on my modding business. But holding back isn't that much fun. So, time to show what've I been up to.

First; a test run my Korriban Temple in the game, most of it is in and works pretty without to a big flaws. Said most part, as I'm still texturing bits of this area.

Enough talk, picture time!

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And to end some renders from the part I'm texturing.
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