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"Wow..." murmured Tandra, gazing up at the ivy-embalmed structure. "A Jedi temple, now left to rack and ruin..." As dead as this edifice seemed, some life still pulsed within it. According to the middle-aged woman's mind, either the spirits of the dead inhabited this place or a concealed tribe did not want anyone else to discover them. Hopefully, the Ysanna were still here and in the realm of the living, and that was why she beckoned Quaver nearer.

"What's so amazing about this crumbling wreck?" he grumbled, rolling his eyes. "The last time I checked, the Jedi didn't have much use for preteen pyromaniacs." As right as he was, his blood still ran cold. "Look--up ahead. Stay quiet. They may or may not attack us." Indeed, there were figures coming toward them, and that was what made Quaver's blood run cold.
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