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When neither krogan made a move to strike, the organizer of the chess tournament scowled. "Eranion, my Eclipsian comrade, it seems that these simpletons don't seem to take orders very well. I propose a deal. In exchange for you letting me take the asari as my own personal slave, seeing as I adopt the 'waste not, want not' approach to potential sources of cheap labor, I'll let you kill the intruder and my two bouncers--who just got fired."

"It seems we've come to an agreement, then," the other salarian replied, and shook the organizer's hand. At that moment, Quirinius saw her only chance.

"Seize her!" The organizer shouted and pointed, and all of the chess players whirled around with darkly perturbed stares. "Violation of tournament rules! Violation!" This meant one thing: someone was going to wind up dead, all because of one foolish loser asari running away, and it might not be her...

All of the players sprang to their feet, leaving their boards untouched, and began to pursue Quirinius. Humans, krogan, salarians, turians, other asari... No one was safe from the sudden onslaught of bodies trying to push and shove their way out of the Underworld Cantina, and fortunately for Quiri, she had about a one-thousand-foot head start. It wasn't much, but it was there.
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