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Originally Posted by Sordid Dreams View Post
What exactly is he going to say when the subject comes up? "Well, the guy you loved is dead, but I look just like him and I've had some of his memories of you injected into my head by Darth Vader...
According to the book, Juno got a tour of the cloning facility and seemed to be alright with it, which, I know we don't know a lot about her character, but still, I'd feel a bit weird about it. I'd definintly need some time to understand it, but the other problem is, Vader isn't telling if he really is a clone or not, so there's like this gray area for any character development

When I first heard about TFU2 and Starkiller being cloned, the idea I had was, Starkiller was so powerful(like it was said in TFU1 by the Emperor "He is now more powerful then ever" that his force kept his spirit/soul alive. And when Darth Vader was making clones, that spirit/soul entered one of the clone bodies.

I would have been more interesting if all the clones Vader made were failures, until one came alone and proved otherwise-the real starkiller. It would also make Vader a bit confused as to how this particular clone was a success.

Starkiller couldn't of escaped-similar to that in the cinematic released and goal is to find the rebel alliance and help defeat the Empire. In the process, finding both Kota, Juno and some new allies.

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