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Originally Posted by Urthor View Post
Yello just posting this issue as it seems the most alive place of discussion for the mod
I have loaded brotherhood of shadows solomons revenge onto kotor and I am playing it on a save file that was just about to go to star forge before I loaded the mod
I could finish the standard bos section but I can't start the encounter with the black robe guy
When I walk into the ebon hawk there is no cutscene it's just the standard view
There is a also some bug where I can replay the bos quest from the bith a second time but it just puts all npc's in the room
Any help with this would be much appreciated
ps no mod conflicts
just read the readme file again, it specifically tells you, that you either have to start a new game with BoS installed before it's been started OR use some savegame that has been done by somebody else in a game with BoS installed.
I hope, this will solve the issue.
and yes, it had better be a new game with all the other mods turned off or a savegame which has been done in a game with all the other mods turned off.
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