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“Maybe I'll be doing a bit of both if these guys try to rip me off like the last time,”

Chiron chuckled at Selia's reply. He always found her attitude somewhat refreshing. She was just as quick as fixing something, as she was at coming up with an insult. Thanks to her he would now call any rude volus a "snot jockey"

“Wanna help me shop? I'm sure a big bad krogan as yourself has plenty of things to do on Omega, but the company might be nice.”

"I'd be delighted. I'll just put on the old krogan charm, and we'll have everything you need in no time," Chiron said with a smile.

Of course by krogan charm, he meant acting like most of his race; brutally aggressive. His race was known for being highly intimidating, but he was an exception to this. The only time he is ever truly "krogan" is when he is angered. To make Chiron mad is the equivalent of punching a thresher maw in the eye.

An invisible Rogue made its way through the streets of Omega with ease. It had decided to go through the markets, rather than deal with whatever was down below. Rogue continued to move at a constant pace, not stopping for any reason.

Why would Rogue have to stop anyway? It didn't have a requirement for food, nor did it want material possessions. Without needing either of these, it would be impossible for Rogue to get sidetracked. As it moved, it did spot a very unique asari. It had never seen an asari with black skin before. Even that was not enough to stop Rogue.

Rogue finally found a balcony, which would provide a good viewpoint for locating the Valkyrie . It spotted the ship it had tagged a few hours ago and located the nearest elevator. With some careful timing, Rogue was able to get into the elevator, as a turian was stepping out. There appeared to be some both good and bad factors in this elevator ride. The good factor was that no other organic got on the elevator. The bad factor was that there were two quarians who too were going down. Rogue knew this term, the organics called it irony.

"Can you believe how dirty this place is?" The quarian with the purple mask asked?

"We're quarians, everything is dirty," replied the other with the green suit.

"Here specifically, and I'm not just talking about the atmosphere," the purple masked quarian hinted.

"Yeah, I bet even geth come here!" The green one said, beginning to laugh.

"Can you imagine?!?!" The other one added in.

The elevator doors opened, and the two quarians stepped out.

Correction: that was bad luck, not irony. This however...

Rogue walked over to the Valkyrie and eyed the large door. Rogue instantly started hacking the door. This was a basic organic lock, then again it was a transport ship. Within a minute, it had opened the door. Rogue stepped inside and the door closed behind it. Rogue noticed its camo's power was starting to run low, and there seemed to be no sign of organic life on board. Rogue turned its camo off and began to walk around the ship.
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