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Tuhrop pulled out his own gun, in reaction to the bullets piercing through the glass of the office. The sniper was clearly playing with him. Scaring him. Giving him the sense that there was no escape. The turian wasnt ready to give in.

He was not even sure why he claimed the data. Tuhrop supposed he wanted to be comforted by the feeling that he had something against whoever was hunting him. But right now, his biggest concern was the sniper. He began suspecting it was a Ceberus Opperative, understandably - they did salvage one of their vessels, afterall.

He eyed the door across from where he was. The Sniper was just waiting for him to approach that door. In situations like these, there was virtually no chance of escaping the bullets of a sniper. But Tuhrop had a trick up his sleeve to improve his survival chances; he tapped into his armor, and activated his shields. The blue kinetic barrier flashed around him, and offered him temporary protection.

Then he sprinted. It took at least two shots from the sniper to disable his shields; before Tuhrop could open the elevator door, run inside and shut it behind him. He pressed the floor button which would lead him to the Underworld nightclub...

__________________________________________________ _______________

Ulrich was brushed passed by a running Asari, joining the group of people nearing the exit of the nightclub. The next thing he knew what appeared to be Salarians wearing yellow armor pursued the crowd, along with the designated chess players. Confused at the sitation, and unaware of whom the Eclipse Mercenaries were after, Ulrich continued down the stairs to where the Tournament was held.

He saw two Krogans get shot by Eclispe Mercenaries, whom were now shifting their attention to a singular Turian. "Tuhrop?" his first thoughts. It was hard to tell from the dim lighting within the nightclub. As part of his reaction, Tom aimed his weapon and fired a round through one of the Salarian's head. He took cover behind the bar, and activated his tech-armor to offer him protection.
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