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(sorry i've not posted, been on holiday )

Thiyan, sat in a dark corner of the dingy Omega nightclub nursing a small glass of a sticky green liquid that was the closest thing they had to Drell alcohol, snapped his head around as he heard shouts and gunfire, making the participants of the chess tournament he had been watching mutter and look in confusion then anger. He, along with the majority of the bar's other occupants, drew his own weapon as the commotion drew nearer. He saw a figure enter and levelled it, but drew up when he recognized the Valkyrie's Tom Ulrich. He looked around furtively before running over and joining the human in his cover by the bar, ducking down just in time to avoid a couple of opportunist blasts from the entrance, which was by now engulfed in acrid smoke. He popped up and loosed a few shots of his own, one burning a neat hole in the middle of a mercenary helmet.

He looked round at the dark-haired human crouched besides him, their faces bathed in the glow from Ulrich's Tech Armour.

"what is going on? why are you being attack-" his question was cut short by an explosion by the bar, and he didn't catch his reply over the noise. "Tuhrop?" the Drell shouted.

Ulrich just shrugged.
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