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Isaac watched as they approached the planet below, the one Lyna was calling Zeltros. He listened to her words half heartedly not really wanting to get involved in her little side trip. If this was something she needed to do for herself then let it be. But there were bigger and more important things to be done, then close old wounds. Staying in the co-pilots chair Isaac listened to Lyna's foot steps walk away, and then watched as she her make a scene. The whole display was some what impressive if not a little on the childish side.

After a few moments another being appeared and engaged in combat with Lyna. Isaac assumed the act was a ploy to leed that being out of hiding. Standing up slowly he arched his back and felt some vibrations down his spine as it poped releasing small air pockets with in the joints. Leaving Lyna to fight her own battles Isaac walked around the ship, examining each room, and corridor. As he walked down one corridor running his fingers lightly against the right hand wall he found a loose metal plate. His eyes looked upon it as his fingers played with it loosening it more.

With both hands Isaac pulled the plate off and set it down upon the ground. It was a hatch leading to some electrical work. This was a good place for what he had, might cause some minor delays in sending coordinate information, but nothing that place the others behind. Reaching under his robe to the back of his belt he had hidden a small tracking device. A small click was heard as it detached from his belt and another was heard as it magnetized to the inside wall left of the hatch opening. Setting the hatch in place more securely this time Isaac continued down the corridor looking over the ship.

After some time Isaac was leaning his back against a wall near where Lyna had excited the ship and waited for her return, and he assumed the being she was currently fighting would be in tow.

"Train hard Lyna." Isaac mumbled to himself his eyes closed as he just stood there listening "It isn't often others get a second chance to do what they should of done the first time."

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