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"I need a status report. I was sent here to investigate and assess the situation."

Karela had been watching the newcomer and had watched as he had managed to take out one of the larger enemy shinobi. She quickly ducked as a kunai knife flew over her head and lodged itself in a building behind her.

I am so glad that wasn't an exploding kunai.

She turned to the newcomer and stared at him for a moment before responding. "Unknown enemy forces showed up a few hours ago and began attacking the village. The enemy shinobi are very powerful, so far we've been unable to drive them away. They've inflicted considerable losses on the samurai while we've only inflicted light losses on them. I'm currently leading an evacuation of the villagers. As of right now the leader of the village took a few of the remaining samurai to try and buy me time to get the survivors out of here."

She smiled grimly at him. "I appreciate you helping us but right now we're trying to get the villagers out of the village. If you really want to help you can help me guard the survivors as we get them out of here."
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