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ok, so i've played NV through a couple of times now (PC version), and i have a couple of thoughts:

1.) NV is much better than F3 ever was. in its own regard, F3 was fun and very enjoyable, but it was limited by mediocre voice-acting, bland story telling, bland combat, and boringly simple characters. NV improves on all of those aspects with perhaps the combat being the only weak point since there aren't as many changes there.

2.) as far as bugs are concerned, i personally have run into very few bugs aside a couple of hard crashes. i know my situation is different from most people, but i probably wouldn't have noticed any tangible difference between the stock version and the patched version of the game aside from stability.

3.) i'm loving how adaptable the story is from game to game. there seems to be 4 major lines to follow in regards to the story, but you can really play the factions off against each other pretty well. that gives the story a greater deal of flexibility than most games i've seen, and that just adds to the gameplay value in my book.

anyways, agree with me or not, i'm loving this game. does it have bugs?? yes, but for me, its been at a fairly acceptable level. my rating: 9/10

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