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Even though Quirinius V'tala was a skilled fighter as well as a diplomat, having learned the art of war from her father and the art of peace from her mother, she did not know upon which art to rely at this very moment. Should she let her krogan blood rage within her and go down with guns blazing or allow her coolly-calculating asari tact and intelligence to hold sway? Instinctively, her hand reached for something in her belt--a single dose of liquid tranquilizer.

This mixture's potent. It would take a trained medic, and nothing less, to know that I've just dosed myself with the most powerful black-market sedative known to our kind. Two hours, and I'll be safe or truly dead.

She felt the long needle puncture her right thigh. Quiri tumbled to the far wall, letting her pursuers rush on by in their haste to trample one another.
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