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Frank's eyes widened as weapons discharged, sending all types of rounds into the air. He spied several members of the Eclipse Mercenary Group sprinting through the club's doors...and in return the club's patron's were getting violent themselves.

Frank focused on the crewmembers of the Valkrie, more specifically the human and Turian...and the Asari who had just made a run for it. He needed them alive to accomplish this part of the mission, which left him only a few options.

He unzipped his jacket and withdrew what looked like a small tube. Frank pressed a button on the side that extended a stock a loaded a fully armed grenade into the chamber of his launcher.

The Spec Ops commando stood from his table, sticking the butt of the rifle into his shoulder, and taking aim at a cluster of Eclipse soldiers that were coming through the doors.

"Alright, time to show my hand...."

He pulled the trigger, blowing the Eclipse commandoes and a few of the club patrons into the air.

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