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Originally Posted by Onmi View Post
I gotta say I was fine with the mod up until the end, the final
battles weren't fun they were just annoying.

Fighting a high powered boss is fine, fighting him alone is okay, fighting him alone when your combat focused and thus lacking on healing supplies I can deal with,
but pile on all of that, his insane force resistance, and his tenancy to come back 5 times in a row, not to mention after all that he's STILL NOT DEAD
now that's just trying my patience.

Now despite these complaints I still LIKE the mod, and consider it a great testament to modding capabilities. It's just near the end... eeeeehhhhhh it dragged on, tried my patience and wasn't so much challenging as cheap.

still thumbs up

EDIT: Oh on the other hand, that one fight near the end against those guys you know who I'm talking about, THAT was fun. because there was tactics along with the powerful enemies
In retrospective the fights were probably too difficult for character builds other than Jedi Guardian, even WITH the patch. I can't quite remember the reasoning behind it all, but I imagine it had something to do with wanting the fights to last more than a minute. Wouldn't be much fun if you could kick Mandalore's ass in under 10 seconds. :P

Originally Posted by Qui-Gon Glenn View Post
I always considered s9's storytelling to be a bridge between the two games, and so
Solomon to me is a foreshadowing of Sion, perhaps even is Sion
. Just my hazy opinion...
How do you come to that conclusion? Out of curiosity.

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