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Real Story of the Crazy Gamer playing MMO on LED Screen

On the evening of November 21st, 2010, a Beijing man rented Asia’s largest LED television screen for a 10 minute online gaming session. The crazy thing is that he paid RMB 4500 (US $678) to play….PER MINUTE!

In China, the gaming session drew the attention of many netizens . According to insiders, the man is the leader of Guild who known as online name “Fire”. Snda, a Chinese game company, invited “Fire” to play “MOJIE 2”(a Chinese mmo) on LED screen. The next day, “MOJIE2” opened to all the gamers. Apparently, it is an elaborate promotion for game “MOJIE2”.

It is reported that “Fire” is the leader of Guild Speed, the largest MMO guild in China. Not only that, he is also the CEO of SwagVault, the largest RMT Company.
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