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curiously, the game has decided to crash every time i approach the main South Freeside Gate from the left half of the door. i did figure out that it has something to do with the boy crier for Mick & Ralph's who stands nearby. it works fine when he's actually standing at the corner. it crashes whenever he's fleeing due to the presence of a hostile entity (either myself or a random thug). it also works fine if you approach the gate from the right while running along the wall.

at any rate, there is supposed to be a "mega-patch" coming out within the next week for the PC version (no word on console versions). Bethesda has confirmed that the patch has already been tested and approved by their QA team and is likely waiting for distribution through Steam. reportedly, the patch is meant to fix the vast majority of bugs within the game affecting stability, graphics, and general gameplay bugs.

Edit: the patch is now out and on Steam. for a patch that only contains bug fixes, it weighs in at a staggering 252 MB. if you're still a 56k user, consider yourself warned.

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