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Post The Pazaak answers you seek!

I used the link cybergrunt posted, and found some awesome stylized versions of Pazaak cards. The user made sheets of the different cards which I used photoshop to cut into individual cards. (also resized them to conform to standard playing card size) Then I used someones suggestion about, and had 3 decks printed. Took forever to get here (from hong kong) but did they ever turn out amazing (cost $27.50 ish CA all together with shipping). My next step was to make a playing board that had all the nessessary stuff on it, which is now done, and totally awsome looking. Haven't printed it yet, but I will post pics of everything together once I do. I am going to print it on 50pt card paper and have it laminated, which again, will be awesome. If a few ppl want it, I will find a place to post the individual cards, and my pazaak board for ppl to use and print their own. Pazaak rules!
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