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Akagi had little time to see to the civilians, as he could see that the flames of the enemy, whatever they were, were quickly approaching the main square of his village. It pained him to see the life of the village so utterly devastated in this way. But right now, he had no time for grief. Only action.

He spurred his horse on faster, his bodygaurds doing the same, becoming a wall of horse and armor. The Samurai raised his Naginata and chose a target in the square, what he assumed to be an enemy Shinobi.

"Strike swiftly! Strike to kill! CHARGE!"

Akagi swung the naginata at the Shinobi, who disappeared into a blast of smoke that sent small objects ripping through everyone's armor.

Hidetada reared, and Akagi nearly fell, holding on for dear life.

Refocusing, Akagi saw the Shinobi again, running away only a few meters off. He hoisted the naginata again, this time throughing it at the Shinobi. The sharp ended blade pierced its target sending the Shinobi to the ground. Akagi quickly retrieved the naginata with a smile, when something caught his eye.

An ice dragon in the sky.


His smile grew, and the Samurai swung the Naginata at another Shinobi, sending bloody entrails across the square. He then dismounted, joining his bodygaurd in the center of the square.

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