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Originally Posted by Silveredge9 View Post
In retrospective the fights were probably too difficult for character builds other than Jedi Guardian, even WITH the patch. I can't quite remember the reasoning behind it all, but I imagine it had something to do with wanting the fights to last more than a minute. Wouldn't be much fun if you could kick Mandalore's ass in under 10 seconds. :P
Well it would have helped if there was a more open arena. Consider the fight against
the party
if you take them straight up there you will die in an instant, but if you lead them out and take them 1 on 1 or 1 on 2 you stand a chance. It gives you the feeling that you can win this fight.

Compare that to the fight I was complaining about, you basically have to engage him on a narrow corridor, he's stronger than you, he's immune to nearly all of your force powers almost all the time (so you can't cast Mass Stasis and then bolt to get some breathing room) and he can take out 3/4ths of your entire health bar in a single hit.

When you fought him with Shadow earlier on at least you could run away and regain your breath. This was not helped by my computer being a PoS and the particle effects in the background lagging it beyond belief.
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