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Unhappy hi...problem with the leviathan...but not the one you're thinking of

hi, i have kotor running on windows 7. it runs like a charm, and i've already finished the game once as a ls male pc. i then played through as a ls female pc. I've gotten to the leviathan, and after i dueled and beat malak once, i wen around the back, went in, and fought him again. After i handily dispatched him a second time, it went to the scene where myself, bastila, and carth were discussing who would go to rescue us from the holding cells. Carth and Bastila were still in the hangar bay, as was i (ie we hadn't moved) but we were discussing that...anyway, after that pointless dialog is repeated, malak and i are just sitting in that little room where one duels him a second time. none of the doors open, and i cant talk to him, so i walk around and try to open the doors, but they don't work. so im stuck in that room, and i cant get past it!!!
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