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Knights of the Old Republic: Revelations
First, it is not a room, it's a compartment.

I have to agree with Jadi. The description broke up the action in an inopportune manner.

Well done.

Knights; Chapter one

Was posted 14 July 2005, Original review below:

The events aboard Endar Spire in KOTOR I
The character has a lot of internal dialogue which is fun to read. The story could use fleshing out, and the irritated Carth lambasting her because she is moving so slowly, and threatening to throw her in the lifepod is an excellent touch. People tend to be too polite in these games, even when they are furious. Worth a second glance.
Reprise Pick of the Week

Taking The Chance

Originally reviewed 18 August 2006, that review is below:

After KOTOR I: Carth take the chance that Revan loves him.

An little vignette that fits so smoothly with the story line. Well done, well portrayed, like a good beer, a crisp and clean finish.

Reprise Pick of the Week


Originally posted 25 August 2006, that review is below:

After KOTOR I: A man looks at how his life has changed for the better.

A lot of people see Carth and Saul as Ahab and the whale. But unlike Ahab, who I believe would have been a shattered man after the fact, Carth came out of it, and we all know why if your Revan is female. Good work.

Reprise Pick of the Week

May the Farce be with you too

Originally reviewed September 1st 2006, that review is below:

The landing on the Rakata Homeworld, but not exactly what you would expect...

I am never surprised by Jiara’s work but she did it this time. This is a farce from beginning. From the arrival of Mr. Rourke from Fantasy Island to the wreck of the SS Minnow, I was sitting there stunned, trying to figure out what she had been smoking when the ending arrived.
Jiara’s work is always worth a read. Even when it confuses you.

Reprise pick of the Week

Warrior's Heart

Originally reviewed 8 August, 2006, that review is below:

Set on Kashyyyk during KOTOR: Revan has a vision, then must return with Canderous to deal with Jagi.

The story moves quickly, and while I was a bit confused by the vision, it pulled me along. I assume it links to the part of her life that leads to her leaving before the Exile returns. The style is brisk, but clear, and the characters are fleshed out by the words.

Reprise Pick of the Week

Love and Trust have Consequences

Post TSL: With Kreia gone, the Exile now has to deal with her relationships

The piece flows well, and the Exile being unwilling to aqdmit her feelings for Atton are balanced by the unmerciful teasing she receives from Mira and Atton himself.

Orphic Verboten
Amber Penglass

Pre TSL: Atton is sent to collect the Exile, but things go awry.

A relatively good read, with all the calm before the feeling built in.

Fighting Spirit

KOTOR aboard the Ebon Hawk: A little tinkering with armor leads to more

The piece is a slice of life aboard the ship, just tinkering and a brief kiss, but well done.

Pick of the Week


KOTOR aboard the Ebon Hawk:Is there a reason for her sly glances?

The piece is fun because you have two women dealing with the attraction one has for the other and failing miserably. Bastila has so many reasons for why she can't love Revan, yet feels it anyway.

Pick of the Week

Voices in the Wind

Pre Mandalorian Wars: Follow on to Mobius, the one left behind decides she is going to follow

The piece brings two scenes together; the man who had gone on speaking at his father's grave, and the same scene with the woman that loves him doing the same at her grandfather's grave. Both have pretty much the same plaints, and their reasons are different, but you can see them leaving together rather than separately.

Pick of the Week

KOTOR Sacrifice

3 years post KOTOR: Revan says the words she never thought she would say again

The piece makes you want to weep for the lovers. Separated by three years, they still wish to cling to each other, and do one last time. Very well done.

Pick of the Week

'To argue with those who have renounced the use and authority of reason is as futile as to administer medicine to the dead.' Now who said that?

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