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The files weren't stored anywhere electronically, nor were they hidden somewhere in the cargo bay. This meant someone aboard the Valkyrie had the files. Rogue had a 45.6% chance of finding the files somewhere on this ship. If not, than a new COA would have to be developed.

Rogue located the crew's quarters and opened up the first door he saw. The room was clean, by organic standards. It had a large bed, which specified this particular organic was krogan.

A krogan with a clean odd

Rogue found some medical certificates, which was very interesting. He found a picture of the krogan himself, with a few others crewmates. While this was all nice, it still didn't help Rogue as there were no files. Rogue left the room just has he had entered it.

The next room wasn't as clean as the krogan's. The bed hadn't been made, and there were things thrown on the floor. Rogue saw a desk with magazines and schematics on it. Given the fact that there was a tool box next to the desk, Rogue analyzed that organic that slept here was an engineer. Rogue looked through this room as well, but got the same results as last time.

Rogue exited this room and moved across the hall to another. Rogue started with a shelf that contained weapons. What was odd was how ancient these weapons were. Rogue spotted an assault rifle that was used in the 21st century. Rogue eyed a broadsword and picked the weapon up. It wasn't very heavy, especially for a synthetic such as Rogue. Rogue was impressed by how effective these primitive weapons were. It placed the sword back and was about to leave, when something caught its eye; a bible.

Rogue walked over to the nightstand where it saw the bible. It picked the bible up and stared at it for a few seconds. In the matter of a second Rogue had completed an argument with itself that would have taken two organics a few minutes. The argument was whether Project Genesis, had anything to do with the bible. Rogue came to the conclusion that this was just a coincidence and put the book down.
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