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Fortunately for Quirinius V'tala, everyone who still remained within the acrid, wrecked remains of the Underworld Cantina on Omega thought she was dead. Quite unfortunately for Quirinius V'tala, the same was also true for Mnull and Dorgan, the two krogan bouncers that the organizer of the chess tournament had summoned to deal with the situation of her preliminary loss and penalty.

They had both spotted her "corpse", which was actually merely sedated...

"Boss!" Mnull signaled over to the organizer. "Dead as any narthak who meets me." Unceremoniously, he hoisted Quirinius' limp form over his shoulder. "What should we do with her, and with all the other stiffs in this pathetic joint?"

"Give her to me," said the salarian organizer, wounded by the skirmish that had so suddenly taken place. "I'll see if she's truly dead or not. Sometimes mercs and spies use sedatives to 'take themselves out' until the danger passes. However, I don't think that this asari has used...any...wait." His amphibious, slimy brow furrowed. "She's not breathing. No pulse. If she'd dead, fine. That would be the only logical conclusion, other than if she used atropixenine...Yes. Atropine xenon hydrochloride. She's still alive, grunts."

"What'd she use?" asked Dorgan. Mnull clocked him one right in the skull.

"Slee-ping me-di-cine, you idiot," he grumbled. "Nice try on her part..."
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