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on a totally unrelated note, I legit made a Shepard in ME2 that is the spitting image of President Barrack H. Obama II. LEGIT. even the ears are at the right angle. the ONLY thing missing is his voice. I also made one that looks like Samuel L. Jackson purely for the Everyone dies badass ending, because its Samuel L. Jackson! Snakes on a space ship!

back to the movie, there are so many choices, and the more i think about it the more I agree that a canonized main storyline, at least before ME3, is a bad idea. if they waited until ME3 is released, then I'd be all for it, kind of like 'play the games how you want, but this is how we envisioned shepards storyline
in terms of actors, this is a bit premature, but I'd think of Jenniffer Hale as being perfect for Female shepard, or alternatively Matt Damon (Bourne Trilogy, The Departed) for a male shepard.

(if anyone was curious, the Obama one is now my avatar)

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