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Originally Posted by GeorgNihilus View Post
Well I don't remember exactly the battle with Shadow but about the bridge one, you must consider his armor, his uti and his -awesome by the way- giant swords. The utc is brg_mandalore.utc within bos_bridge.mod module (/modules folder obvious). The swords are bos_mandaxe and bos_mandaxe2.uti and they are in Override folder. Finally, his armor is bos_mandarmor.uti also in Override.
I remember his swords being particulary powerful as well as his armor.

You need to edit lowering all these to fix the corridor battle to your kind of challenge and/or to avoid running away right after starting the duel. Post me if u want my tinkered stuff ...

hope that helps
Oh no no no, not the battle against Mandalore, THAT was easy, if a little bit long. I meant the battle in Taris with Shadow vs Solomon. Sure Solomon was better than you but you could at least distance yourself enough to heal up.

I was saying that it was a well paced fight. Against Mandalore you have backup so you can at least plan the battle out
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