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Thiyan made his way back through Omega, keeping an eye out for any further disturbances on the route back to the Valkyrie. All seemed to be quiet... but he kept the Viper loaded anyway. With Omega you never knew.

It took about ten more minutes to reach the docked ship. He went up to the dock bay controls, and checked the logs and security cameras. All seemed well, and it looked as if the ship had been untampered with in the time they had been negotiating the chaos of the station.


He frowned at one of the replays, rewound it by ten seconds and watched it again. Nothing. Then a second later, a flicker, nothing more than that. He froze the frame and stared. It was indistinct, a vaguely upright shape that looked little more than a glitch or shadow. He played the rest of the replay forward frame by frame. It appeared again 5 seconds later, right in the shadows of the entrance to the ship. If there had been one 'glitch' it could have been dismissed as an anomaly. Two meant that something had entered the ship. Something using a very advanced cloaking field. And if it had altered the logs, then it had exceptional hacking skills. Thiyan's head scales rippled, the equivalent of hairs rising on a human's neck.

He examined the rest of the footage minutely. It did not re-appear. It must still be on the ship. He took out his communicator.

"Thiyan Al'Taru to all Valkyrie crewmembers. There is something aboard the ship, I repeat, someone or something has boarded the Valkyrie and is still in there. Assume hostilities."

He took several steps back, and activated his combat visor which, amongst other things, contained a very complex and efficient tracking and decoding system. He trained his rifle at the entrance...

Inside the Valkyrie, something beeped as the rogue presence was alerted to activity outside the ship...
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