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Nice list. I use that particular Corsair PSU on my main rig and it works fine for me.

Am I correct in assuming that you're going with the GTX 470 due to significant price drop to USD$250 (for the EVGA model you linked to on NewEgg anyway)? The GTX 570 is out now so I just want to be sure price is the determining factor for your choice of graphics card. It looks like the GTX 570 will cost at least USD$100 more for running 125 MHz faster clock (stock) and an additional 32 stream processors compared to the GTX 470. Of course there were some additional FP16 enhancements made to the GTX 5xx cards as well but that may not be all that important to you.

As far as your main board goes, what about this one from Asus?
If I understand things correctly, Lynnfield class processors (like the one you've chosen and my i7 860) are limited to a total of 16 PCI-E lanes. USB 3.0/SATA 6 Gbps solutions out there, like the Gigabyte board you referenced, utilize PCI-E lanes to provide the bandwidth necessary to achieve USB 3.0/SATA 6 speeds. According to Asus's website this board uses a chip that provides an additional 4 PCI-E lanes for USB 3/SATA 6 support though I'm not sure exactly how that works if the CPU is limited to 16 lanes because ultimately the data has to go through the CPU. Here is a link to a Tweaktown review of this Asus board if you want to look into it further.

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