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When it comes to price... to be perfectly honest... I'm only spending about half of what I actually have available to spend on this. I have 3100AUD = 3053USD at current exchange rates that I can use on this... of course.

I went for the GTX 470 because of some advice I was given that there was no point buying the newer GTX 570/580 cards. I would've naturally gone with the latest ones though if I wasn't given tha advice lol.

As for the mobo you linked me to. A guy on my forum linked me to the same one but my last post in that thread which he hasn't replied to pretty much says that I'm worried about the same issue occurring with this mobo.

I mean, I'm only going to have a single GPU, I don't see the point of SLi... and I really want USB 3 and SATA 3 support for the future... I just don't know what to do. That board looks great and I like what I'm reading about it but I'm so clueless about all this stuff XD I need reassurance lol. Well anyway, I'll update the list to add that mobo you recommended.

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