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Rogue took one last look around the room before stepping back into the hallway. Rogue turned to face the next room when a distinct noise was heard. Something just beeped, similar to that of a door opening. Rogue however had not yet opened the door. It took its pulse rifle from its back and began to move down the hallway.

Rogue didn't know how many crew members were back, but it did know that they were back. It needed to get off this ship as quickly as possible. Rogue was nearing the ship's entrance. The camo still needed to recharge, so stealth was not an option. This meant Rogue would have to fight its way out. Something it didn't want to do, but would do if need be.

Rogue rounded a corner and hit someone carrying a large metal crate. Rogue bounced back, but did not fall from the force of the hit. Quickly, Rogue rolled backwards and found cover.
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