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John had decided to refrain from going to the chess tournament. Among his other duties beyond just being the merchant and hired gun, he also picked up picked up the rations for Valkyrie's voyages. The trip to the grocer had been uneventful in itself, his armor and size doing more than enough to intimidate any scavengers. Some gang members might eye him up occasionally, fantasizing on how to kill him, but one look at his weaponry was enough to convince them otherwise. The trip back met with similar results.

John noticed the ship's boarding ramp lowered as he rounded a corner with a massive ration crate in his arms.

“Selia must've gotten back early.” John muttered to himself as he shifted arms to get a better grip of the crate. He was blind the rest of the way, but the crowd was dieing down and he could easily make his way to the ship. He started to walk up the ramp when something suddenly smashed into him, causing him to drop the crate and jump back. He did a double take as the crate hit the ground and a geth bounced back, running for the covering the one of the inner cargo crates. John unslung his rifle and dove out of the way of the bay entrance as pulse rifle rounds shot past him.
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