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Thiyan was still camped outside when he heard gunshots from inside, muffled but obviously from heavy weaponry. He cursed, shouldered his Viper - it would useless in the cramped confines of the ship - and pulled out his Locust, also activated his second shield - just in case.

He ran through the airlock, and down the first corridor, following the gunfire left. Turning into the next corridor, near the mess hall, he saw John crouch behind a pile of crates, his heavy Mattock rifle cradled in his arms. Thiyan jumped round the corner and got into cover of his own just across the hallway from the heavily-armed soldier. He inched his head around cover, and got a glimpse of the silhouette and the distinctive flashbulb head of their opponent before a pulse charge slammed into his cover, forcing him to duck back.

The Geth? Thiyan had rarely heard of Geth outside the veil, especially since the failed attack on the Citadel. But he had never heard of a Geth operating solo before, apart from the odd rumour you heard. It seemed to be functioning as efficiently, if not more so, than the most highly trained shock trooper as well. If the Geth were producing this sort of unit en masse it could spell trouble for the rest of the galaxy. And if it was acting of it's own volition... then that just deepened the mystery.

More fire pattered into the two crewmember's covered, and Thiyan returned fire. But after a few seconds of return fire from the machine, the gun silenced. Thiyan peered over his cover, and saw the Geth had disappeared. He looked across at John.

"Where the hell did it go?"

John shrugged and replied "Wherever it went, we need to find it. Who knows what it's taken from the ship while we've been gone?"

Thiyan nodded, reloaded his Locust and stalked off towards the mess hall, with John heading the other way, deeper into the bowels of the Valkyrie.
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