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Originally Posted by GeorgNihilus View Post
so what's the problem? Solomon too hard in Taris or what?? I haven't checked yet but that utc (Solomon's) probably wasn't edited by Silver's patch ...
There isn't a problem, I was saying it was a good example in comparison to
The solomon boss fight in the ritual room. the one where he comes back to life 5+ times, still isn't dead even after that, and just becomes an exercise in frustration

Maybe I didn't make it clear that I had finished the mod and was just commenting on what I felt went beyond 'difficult' because there's no way to get breathing room (your engaged on a very narrow strip, the arena itself is small and your health bar gets cut like 3 quarters of the way in one attack) and there's very little ability to heal.

If he had just gone down the first time you killed him, I would have called it fair but I understand why S9 did what he did (mostly make sure the fight didn't end in 5 seconds after hyping him so much) the problem stems from YOU not nearly having the same endurance as the boss.

Although I dunno, maybe it's just me who sucked at that fight, maybe I had terrible luck how did everyone else fair on it?
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