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The hooded man stepped back quickly and raised his hands in surrender once more. "There is no way I will risk my own life, and that of my tribe, in a lethal standoff," he blurted out. "The woman and her son--if he IS her son--can see the Chieftaness, but they will have to speak with her alone. Is that clear?" Seeing that Xander neither moved nor spoke, he beckoned Tandra and Quaver forward. They both obeyed, moving toward him and the rest of the Ysanna tribe. None of them dared to address them as they moved toward an enclosed ivy garden in the middle of the decrepit and crumbling temple.

The Chieftaness of the Ysanna was waiting there, her body sunk down in blissful relaxation upon one of the larger boulders. When she saw her tribe and the two visitors they escorted, she stood, her eyes fearful and wary.

"Greetings, strangers," said the robed woman, about ten years older than her male colleague. "I am the spiritual and political leader of my tribe, called the Ysanna. We live here within the ruins of this sacred building, meditating upon the Force and calling it to guide us as we live our daily lives. What is it that you want from us? Do not lie, for the Force will reveal your deception if you do." The Chieftaness gazed straight into Tandra's eyes. "Speak, if you dare."

"I search for Lyna Honso," Tandra replied. "I am her aunt, and my son is her cousin." She closed her eyes, praying that the Chieftaness had been bluffing.

The Chieftaness' eyes widened. "How could you not have heard? Our sister was slain by Darth Sethos, and if you were truly her relatives, you would have known thus!" She sighed. "Why have you both come to torment us?"

Tandra took a deep breath. "We believe that she has been cloned, ma'am."

"Cloned? How is that even possible? If it were true, she would have tried to contact us--wouldn't she?" The Chieftaness shook her head. "Pah! More lies."
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