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Honestly I didn't think much of the cutscenes for any of the prequels...
few, if any of them added anything to the movie that wasn't already there,

Though I do agree that if they had included the various (so-called) 'seeds of the rebellion' scenes in Episode III that it would have made it seem less like Padme's character had taken a dive from a strong, independent character to Anakin's weepy doormat. The scene of Yoda going to Dagobah was kind of cool, but really unnecessary overall.

I'm glad they put up the Prequel deleted scenes, don't get me wrong, and I wanted to see more of them, but I don't quite feel that somehow they all belong in the movie and make it better just by being there (if that makes sense).

But then, anybody who has got me started on the prequels knows that I have a lot of issues with them as chapters in the Star Wars saga (the most with Episode I and the least with Episode III).

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