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Coruscant Entertainment Center

wht cn i say? th prolog

Non SW Fiction: appearing to be an homage to Flowers for Algernon, one of my favorite books

A family with some psychological problems deal with normal life. As always, Tysyacha has a lot of fun with this. As did I reading it.

Pick of the Week


A century after TSL: The Sith return with a vengeance

First, read my post The 'pilot room' is called either the bridge or the cockpit, depending on the size; in this case the cockpit.

I get the feeling that English is a second language to you, primarily because you tend to leave out words at odd times. The only other alternative is you have a problem I share; writing so fast you cannot keep up with yourself. This can be fixed by editing before posting. My standard mantra is, everyone together:

reread, edit, reread again, polish until smooth.

You tend to be very tight with characterization, making your characters caricatures rather than real people. Again, an editing problem.

Revan's Suicide

Post KOTOR: Everyone can forgive Revan, except for herself

The piece is stark and unrelieved. Revan is killing herself a step at a time in repayment for her sins, and you can feel her own pain not at the wounds, but at her own expiation.

Pick of the Week

The Black Abyss

Post TSL on Dantooine: The exile has made her decision

The piece runs well, mainly introspection. The idea that the Exile and Revan had been in love makes it different.

Star Wars KOTOR: Way of the Force

During the Jedi Civil War: Jedi and Sith collide on an outer rim world

The author is excellent in description. The scene is well laid out and the fight well choreographed.

Star Trek: Crossover

Set during Jedi Knight II: People of two different galaxies work together to escape captivity

Having played the game, it was interesting seeing the two worlds collide. The Federation character commenting on planets and people, while Tavion, the villain of Jedi Knights III acting human rather than Sith. No explanation is ever given about how the ships crossed over, or how they would return.

The Change of Destiny


Pre KOTOR Alternate Universe: Instead of Revan, Malak is captured

First, read my post Ships have decks and ports, not floors and windows.

The piece is well done. One of those I wish I had the time to read all the way through.

Pick of the Week

Narth Ocasi and the Star Fork of Evil

Alternate universe KOTOR: Don't let this guy get bored, trust me.

The piece flows alarmingly, and the name changes were choice. Bastila becoming Bastardella and Jolee J Lo. just as example. The humor is a bit forced, but flowed well.


The Price Paid

40 years before the Mandalorian Wars: The new war spreads to Coruscant.

An interesting read with Jolee as a young master. The discussions about what the code says and what the masters agree to got a bit wearing, but was necessary to the story development.

Best Intentions
Dinah Lance

Post TSL: The Onasi kids, Dustil and Ana have a brief adventure on Nar Shaddaa.

The piece flows well, the interplay between the siblings what you might expect from a girl in training struggling against the strictures of that training. Mission laughing because Ana (now 14) came up with the same line she had used on Carth all those years ago.

Pick of the Week


Originally posted January 16 2007 that Review is below:

Aboard the Endar Spire: The thoughts of Trask during the last moments of his life.

The scene is well done, and the basics of dealing with someone who has had their memories erased well documented.

What I though was interesting was the idea that Trask was actually Revan’s brother. It makes his sacrifice more important.

Reprise Pick of the Week

Just Close your Eyes
Evil Shall Giggle

KOTOR on the Rakata homeworld: The ending is not good

The piece is well done, the interplay between Bastila lying on her death bed and Revan is very well portrayed.

Pick of the Week

Amber Penglass

Originally reviewed 12 January 2007, that review is below:

KOTOR during mission on Korriban: Trapped in a cave in, Carth and Revan deal with the Leviathan revelation.

The style is good the scenes crisp and well laid out. Some spelling problems (exhilerating is spelled with an A) and you forgot one conversation break. Not enough to really complain about. 19 readers gave it a thumbs up, and it deserved them.

Reprise Pick of the Week

The Twi’lek and the Wookiee[/url]

Originally reviewed 12 January 2007, that review is below:

Zaalbar and Mission tell the story of how they met.

The story flows well, the style jumping as each character speaks, assuring not only continuity but an automatic feel for who is speaking.

The explanation of how Griff was able to leave without Mission rings more true than the claims Mission made in the game concerning Lena, though the version of Mission’s first meeting with Zaalbar does not work as well.

Reprise Pick of the Week

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