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"You look really tough. Right now I bet Akagi could use your help driving the enemy shinobi away. He and his men are buying us time in the town square."

Ryuu nodded. After Karela created her shadow clones, and ordered one of them to find "Akagi", Ryuu followed.

If he was to acquire the information during his supposedly labeled "recon mission", he needed to help the samurai and learn the motives behind the assault - despite his relations with his previous acquaintances.

Soon, the clone found its way to the one titled "Akagi" - a young samurai wearing the ceremonial armor and wielding the blade. The clone informed him of the news and speculation.

"Bring the villagers around the border and then into the mountains...we will join you in a moment....we must finish this foe..."

Ryuu saw the enemy in front. Akagi rallied his troops, and formed a line. Ryuu hid himself away, to observe the battle from the rooftops and strike at the appropriate of moments. He twirled his blades around, almost appearing like seals.

"Fire Release: Dragon Rush" a layer of protective flames surrounded him.
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