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Well, there is alot things in this world that are just not right and it doesn't matter what you do to convey justification or insight this is never ever going to change.
Reality disagrees:

Society, stance, similair and opinion might sway and may even break but everyone really already knows what is right and wrong.
You seem to be subscribing to the idea that morals are an unchanging, absolute thing set in stone. It isn't. 50 years ago coloured people in the US had to fight hard to be allowed to even go to the same school as whites. Today, the US has an African-American President. Morals change, all the time, regardless of how many people sit there on their high horses with their stone tablets and arrogantly declare that out of all the countless moral stances out there, they possess the one true right one.

But I can see I wondered out of my depth, into a club as such; the reason that I didn't elaborate or be too specific is because if you're on one side you are sensitive and if you're on the other you're insensitive
How awfully kind of you.

Now I'm not personally worried about anyones sexual orientation but I do believe it is 100% wrong if you perfer to be in a sexual relationship with the same gender, it's like a lot of things in this world, if it feels wrong it generally is... (I know you won't feel it's wrong but try and relate it to something else that falls into this category)
I don't like to make decisions based on gut feeling.

humans have a wonderful way of making there point or creating a solid perspective and can convince and recruit the weak minded or idealistic but hit a wall with the strong minded or realistic types.
More arrogance -- "there's me and those who think like me, and then there's the weak-minded who easily fall prey to immorality".

Now I understand your craving for acceptance, but you won't ever get genuine acceptance outside your peers and the idealistic recruited
"Your"? Do you assume that the only people who support homosexual rights are the gays themselves?

You start looking at all the other strange sexual orientated preferences of some other factions out there; if you believe you are right to be as you are, why aren't they?
Apples and oranges.

(and be careful here since now you've used a minor to endorse your lifestyle, age of consent is now out the window)
Doesn't follow.

enjoy, I'm out of here :-D
Buh-bye !

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