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Originally Posted by Erlynmyre View Post
Just a quick note, I'm using this for the first time with TSLRCM 1.7, and I have noticed that Kreia's lightsaber has no color crystal, and if you click where it should be, it crashes the game. (For me, anyways.) Not a huge issue, just don't mess with the crystal..(duh) but it looks odd when upgrading, so I thought I should mention it....

Update: Ok, I have the same problem with Visas' saber, now that she's built it...

Yes, i know..I apologize profusely for that.
What happened was i had differing tag names in the TSLpatcher setup. ive fixed all this in 1.3.
Do you have any modding experience? it can be fixed if you open up the upcrystals.2da with KotorTool's 2da editor and change the name from "visas_crys_xxx" to "visa_crys_xxx", I left out the "s" in the .uti files but not in the .2da file. they should be "visa" without the "s".
Sorry bout that. i think Kreia's should be krea_crys_xxx without the "i"...
Better yet, do me a favor and just delete the whole mod and then just install version 1.3 when i release it tommorrow or the day after.
Seriously, is SOOOO much better. i remodeled *almost* EVERYTHING. And no stupid mistakes!

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