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Unhappy Character Models Do Not Show

Hello all. I am not a noob to the series. Been playing since DF back in the 90's. Anyway I just reinstalled JA on my Windows 7 64 bit machine. Running Intel Quad Core. I also Patched it with official lucasarts patches and my video drivers are up to date as of tonight. I have GeForce 9600 GT Overclocked.

Anyway I just re-installed JA (With Disks. No piracy) and patched it. The game loads up and up and I get to the menu. The only thing is Jaden nor any of the other NPCs are rendering at all. I.E. all NPC's are invisible. I dont get it. But I will say this....

I did Custom Height and Width resolutions in the JAConfig. Set_R height 1920 and Set_R Width 1080. That is my monitors native resolution. Also set_r mode -1. Please help me as I am a huge star wars fan/Star Wars gamer. I love this game. And it would be pretty cruddy if I could not play it. It's bad enough I cant get DF2: Jedi Knight to run because of 64 bit.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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