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As the Ebon Hawk flies to the mid rim, nick and some other republic pilots attack it.
in the pilot room

xin: harr, what the.... they chase for a message that the sith will give us 200 credits for it. i think they lied to us when they say i was simple message that has no importance.

harr: haaaa

xin: harr go to the turrets.

nick: gold leader, fire at them.

gold leader : yes, sir

xin: harr, we got hit.

harr soon with his skills shoots the gold leader. now harr repairs the ship, xin is on the turrets and the ship is in auto-pilot. xin with a lacky shoot nick's ship crashed on hoth.

nick: aaaaaaahh.

xin: did you fix the hyperdrive harr?

harr: haaaa (translate: yes)

xin: okey. lets go to lightspeed.
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