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Ulrich watched as they put her down on the ground. The Salarian began sweating. "All right. I have complied with your request. Please remove your pistol from my occipital lobe."

Ulrich lowered his gun. He motioned his weapon, to shoo off the scum. "Go on, get out of here." He glared at the Krogan Body Guards.

He knealt down beside the lifeless Asari. If what the Salarian theorised was correct, and she was drugged, then hopefully Chiron would arive and find a means of reversing the effects. He should be arriving shortly, other wise Ulrich considered taking her to a near-by clinic and later rendevous with his crew.

__________________________________________________ ____________________

Tuhrop exited the elevator, and entered the docking bay. He began coughing up blood. Although he escaped with his life from the broker's office, the Sniper had managed to sneak in another round before the Turian Captain could reach for the elevator across the crowded area of the markets.

Tuhrop saw his ship close by. Hopefully the Sniper didnt have the time to pursue him. He held onto his waste, where it was stained with his blood. He limped towards it - not before he could hear the sound of gunfire.

The ship was under lockdown; as expected. He input the code to bypass it, and entered the Valkyrie. He limped to the mess hall, where he pulled out his M-6 Carnifex, and hid behind the crates. He glanced at John.

"I take it we are in abit of a situation here?" he added.
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