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Originally Posted by christos200 View Post
Kael'thas Solo nick won a sith lord that the entire jedi order couldn't in all these years of war. the name of that sith lord is darth raptor. rememper that in kotor revan became jedi knight in a few weeks (if not less).
Also realize that he knew that he was a Jedi Knight turned Sith Lord at the time that he was renamed a Jedi Knight. Also, he didn't become a Jedi Knight and then a year later renamed a Jedi Master. o_____o" I think it's a bit unrealistic that someone can go from Padawan to Jedi Master in such a short time. And honestly Revan could have spent anywhere froma few weeks to a few years completing his mission for the Jedi Council... since it's a video game, there's really no way of knowing.
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