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Originally Posted by Dagobahn Eagle
I honestly have no idea how on Earth you've managed to remain unaware of this through the huge storm the media and, frankly, everyone, have raised for quite a long while now
Eh? I tend to ignore the self accredited insomniacs that work in the Media field. They generally spout off garbage that may or may not be true. Per example all you have to say is the name Justin Bieber and there are claims against him, which are Media based (which are mostly untrue). Anyway... so I tend to ignore everything the media has to offer me.

Originally Posted by GTA:SWcity View Post
Wait, that must mean my father is going to hell for the crime of blasphemy because
1) he's an independent non denominational reverend (translation: Delusional, straying from the path, self-righteous, pompous, judgmental arse hole)
2) obliged an Indian man and Chinese woman (both in their traditional wear no less), simply wanting a short sweet and to-the-point christian wedding ?
(Translation: Intra-racial weddings?! Nevermind that both are basically asian. Nonono, we can't have that. )

Being his son, does that mean I am hellspawn? The 4th ruler of hell?
Hellspawn, eh? Of course you're the 4th ruler of Hell... I thought that much was obviou- oh wait... I think maybe it just means different skin colors... as far as I know India and China have only slightly differing skin colors... so I think it'd be like a white man getting a tan in that regards.
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