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Originally Posted by Erlynmyre View Post
Thanks for getting back to me, I fixed myself poking around in upcrystals.2da, just like you said, the problem with Visas' was just a typo, the Kreia thing, however was caused by her having 2 sabers, the one she spawns with is called kr_ls, it's screwed up, used KSE to delete and replace with krea_lghtsbr and everything's OK.

And I'm planning on updating to 1.3 as soon as you post it....
Really? Interesting...kr_ls??
Both her sabers should be named krea_lghtsbr_123, krea_lghtsbr_143, krea_crys_123, and krea_crys_143...123 for green and 143 for red.
Those are the tag names for the .uti files the 2da should reflect those.

But enough about that, we need to get to Onderon! Onwards!

HotOR 1.3 is released! and I must say, I worked pretty darn hard on it.
If it still sucks let me know and I'll ignore you.
But seriously, folks.

**1.2 to 1.3 CHANGES**
-Remapped and textured Iacen Konn's hilt.
-Added Quinn Fain's Lightsaber, his crystal is aquired once Odis is employed. (Changed from original release).
-Removed my pathetic Master Robe textures for Dhan-Zen Long and Qui-Don Jorn. The robes are still in the game, but I now highly recommend just installing some good textures like Darth Deadman's Master Robes remodels/reskins (I have NO business....).
I switched them (DZL/QDJ) back to the normal game textures so that they won't conflict with any robe texture mods. This won't affect Darth Darkus' Armored robes since they are completely seperate textures and .uti's.
-Remodeled the Exile's double-bladed hilt. Added cyan single and double-bladed, fixed the PCSaber scripts for 262TEL and recompiled. Rerigged single bladed using Marius Fett's cyan fix!
-Added Raith Redstar's lightsaber, which is aquired on the SkyRamp if you are helping the Queen, and once inside the Palace if you're helping Vaklu.
-Remodeled V'wynn Chaleur's lightsaber. I can't begin to tell you how painfully frusrating this one was to map...
-Fixed Visas Marr's dialog from giving an insane amount of dark side points for one little comment....whoops.
-Remodeled Atton's lightsaber. ( a personal favorite )
-Remodeled Miko Wrath's lightsaber.
-Remodeled Kell Shineda's lightsaber, then rerigged it and the default cyan saber with Marius Fett's cyan fix, more cyan being powered on after loadscreens and transitions!...sweet.
-Added Tryn'aar's lightsaber, which very nearly was going to be a "joke saber", but I couldn't do it. It looked too cool to be just a joke. (Anybody heard of the Jedi called Rhett Khan?)
It is aquired from Vrook (lightside only).
-Remodeled Bao-Dur's lightsaber. Started as just a rescale, but then I just remodeled it to be bigger around.
-Remodeled Hui Feng's double-bladed saber. Tweaked her description. (Another personal favorite)
-Remodeled Sen Whitesun's lightsaber.
-Added specific light/darkside armor for Bao-Dur, (my first attempt at properly reskinning armor.)
-Remodeled Master Vash's lightsaber.
-Removed D Goth's Darth Maul texture. A hard decision, but I would rather it not conflict with any other robe textures you may want to use.
-Fixed Visas Marrs' lightsaber from missing it's crystal. Tag names differed in the TSLPatcher setup...again, oops.
-Fixed 602DAN.mod so it won't crash when speaking to Terena after the Khoonda battle. Apparently I had somehow removed RCM's script...??
-Remodeled Mira's lightsaber.
-Remodeled Disciple's double-bladed saber.
-Remodeled Kreia's saber...again.
-Remodeled Nihilus' saber, the same but better.
-Changed Armored Robe placings.
-Remodeled the red and green default sabers.
-Added Ven-Su Rahn's double-bladed lightsaber. At 1620 polys it's the biggest, and it's aquired from Mandalore (lightside).
-Tweaked properties and descriptions as needed.
-Tweaked Anon Novago's saber texture....alot.
-Remodeled both of Master Kavar's sabers.
-Remodeled Bail Shilar's saber. (personal favorite # 3)
-Tweaked the blue double-bladed hilt model and texture.
-HA!!! Thanks to Darth Parametric I finally figured out the mystery of the custom robe icons. So Darkus' Armored Robes have spiffy new icons!

And I must warn you that if you have the older 1.2 version installed you will need to go ahead and just delete the whole thing and replace the backup .DLG and .MOD files before you install this version. Sorry if thats a hassle but it had to be done that way. Good news is this might very well be the final version, so you won't have to do it again, or anything.
If I do make more changes or additions, I'll set those up as a proper patch so nothing will have to be deleted out of your override.
I'm pretty happy with this one...
I think that since I like modeling sabers so much I might wander over to and model some of those. I'm getting better at it so,..
Anyway, without further ado, I give you...HotOR saber Mod v1.3

Hope you dig,...dig?

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