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Originally Posted by PastramiX View Post
The fact that you're willing to bring the Pope to his level is what's problematic.
So now picketing soldiers' funerals makes you a worse person than someone who presides over, and denies, the cover-up of sexual abuse of minors?

Regardless of your opinion of the papacy, comparing the two figures on some scale of moral relativity is absurd beyond comprehension.

I understand that the Vatican has most certainly handled the situation in a paradigm of denial and ignorance, but is that telling that the Vatican is willfully propagating pedophilia amongst its clergymen? Likewise, does that also mean that all clergymen exhibit pedophilic tendencies, and are automatically threats to children?
Given that no one has even suggested anything remotely like this in this discussion, why do you ask?

The current anti-papist narrative is one of implicit, universal buggery and intricate conspiracies to assert a pseudo-pro-sexual deviant agenda, honestly. That people aren't foolish and crass enough to assume that the Emperor himself is presiding over the Evil Empire.
You continue to deny accusations no one has made. Except that yes, the Pope is indeed head of the Vatican and the Roman Catholic Church. That one is true.

The entire anti-Vatican narrative is based on only a few incidences that are not only exaggerated to vapid proportions, but that the same criticisms can be applied to any religious, political, or philosophical organization.
You're shamefully ignorant of the facts of this case. The policies of transfering offenders to other churches and shaming the victims into silence was indeed official RCC doctrine, and the number of offenses was more than "a few incidents". As I said earlier in the thread, I frankly do not understand how it's possible to deny this, given the extent of the media coverage and the sheer amount of evidence that's been produced. Here is a snippet of data to get you started.

Demagogues, either atheist or fundamentalist Christian, have capitalized on this visit to assert some agenda, and have used populist deception to do.
Newsflash: when someone does something outrageous, people are outraged.

"I beat this baby seal to death and now all of a sudden everyone hate me, they must have an agenda!". Puh-leeze.

The argument still stands; no matter who labels anyone is not important, but the fact that Dawkins & Co. are ready to utilize the same tactics is ironically hypocritical. Comparing anyone to Nazis or Nazism is utterly self-destructive, at least for argument's sake.
He didn't. The Vatican did.

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