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((I'm back for sure! Those final exams were crazy. But now... I'm on Winter Break! BTW, Halana Ysanna aka the Chieftess, is Lyna's grandmother. The five real cousins of Lyna living with her are Myzu (24), Saluna (22), JoJo and Jomo (17, twins), and Tino (7). They are the Children of Light who protects the Ysanna and the Jedi artifacts. ))

Using Force absorb to absorb the lighting, Lyna looked at Reaper. "Listen to me! If you'd just let me explain everything in a civilized matter, none of us will have to die tonight! Please!!"

The young woman struggled to hold off that much Force lighting, making her kneel on the ground hut still absorbing the lighting.


Cyan the binjinphant came to Isaac and sniffed him. She was wondering what he was really up to. The little creature squealed at him, as if trying to say something.
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