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Return of the Sith TC

Hey, all! I'm Garyn, I mod for JA, Kotor, NWN, Mount and Blade and just about any other moddable game I happen to come across!
I started a very small mini-mod for JA less than a year ago, and it has since turned into a total conversion with new maps, models, new menus and a new plot. There is more info on moddb.
However I just discovered that moddb isn't working right this moment, so I'll post a link later.

Anyhow, in this mod you play as a very confused Brianna(The handmaiden from tsl), you don't any memories of who you are, or where you came from, you wake up, mostly naked in a medical facility, you here arguing outside they door, followed be gunfire, you run up and put you back to the wall next to the door, and someone with a gun charges in. You kick the gun out of his hands and elbow his throat into the wall. You have clearly had training before, but you cannot remember where. This is where you start playing.

At the moment I am using ported models as PLACEHOLDERS.
I have no intention of releasing it that way if I don't have to.

SO at the moment, I am in desperate need of a modeler, because I really can't get into the modeling , I have tried many times, and I just can't do it.

If anyone wants to help, I am in most need of a modeler, and at some point I may need a couple more voice actors, me and edd23 have the animating and mapping under control. If you want to help with the modeling, I need a few player models done, a few weapons and maybe some map objects. I f anyone is interested I'll pm them with the details.

EDIT: Moddb is working again, here is the link

Thanks for reading this.
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