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"Listen to me! If you'd just let me explain everything in a civilized matter, none of us will have to die tonight! Please!!"

Reaper watched as she continued to absorb the lightning. Impressive, and to show this much resiliance against him was indeed a spectacle. He suppressed his energy, and let go. The lightning stopped.

Reaper switched off his lightsaber. He walked towards a crate and sat on it. He stared at her. "I'm sorry... I had to be sure. During your absense, I came to realise that you do not trully know someone: until you fight them."

He reached for his helmet and slid it off his head. A pale face with messy dark-blonde hair was revealed underneath. A scar visible was seen across his face.

"Its always nice to see you again, Lyna." he smiled. Then looked down at his feet. "I thought you were dead... we all did."
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